44 > 35

  • Reduction in the number of units. The number of dwellings has been reduced from 44 to 35 and the number of family sized units has been increased from 25% to 37%. This also creates a better car parking space to dwelling ratio.
  • Reduction in the height and massing. The overall height of the building has been reduced by 1.2m and the third floor has been reduced by 33%. We are introducing duplexes at second floor that extend up to the third floor, breaking up and lowering the roof line. Additionally, two four-storey houses have been removed reducing the number of houses from 6 to 4.
  • Retention of trees. The development will retain and enhance the majority of the mature trees at the front and the rear of the site. This is a key concept of the scheme.
  • Footprint setback. The structure has been stepped back from the street by 9.3m to form less of an imposing building along Church Walk.
  • Improved landscaping. The removal of four street level parking spaces has allowed for more greenery and diverse landscaping along Church Walk. There will also be improved additional green screening to the rear boundary.